Delia: ‘We must not let this government marketing machine trick us'

Opposition leader reiterates call for long-term investment in the future, claims government's vision is short-sighted and driven by personal gain 

“We must not let this marketing machine trick us, the government is taking everything away from us,”
“We must not let this marketing machine trick us, the government is taking everything away from us,”

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has claimed that those in power are using Malta for their own financial gain, choosing to ignore the voice of the people criticising them. 

“They are using the country as a cash register, opting to take whatever they want, and the PN will be there to defend against these wrong doings,” Delia insisted this morning.

Delia said that as a solution, the PN would look to invest in the long-term future of the country, something that the Labour government was not doing.

“We believe in planning long-term for future, where we provide the right tools for sustainability,” Delia said. 

Referring to this week's revelations on the ElectroGas deal by Daphne Project, publised in The Guardian - where it emerged that Socar was paying Shell around €113 million a year for LNG, but selling it to ElectroGas for €153 million, making €40 million in profit - Delia said that there were only two things the government could now do: either explain where the €40m went, or give the money back to the people. 

Turning to the Vitals Healthcare hospitals deal, Delia echoed his previous comments, saying the hospitals should be given back to the Maltese. 

“We must not let this marketing machine trick us, the government is taking everything away from us,” he emphasised.

Asked about the high percentage of school leavers, Delia blamed the government’s lack of respect towards educators, claimingthis was deterring youths from opting to choose a career in teaching. 

Delia also said the rise in rental prices was pushing young people to not continue their studies and instead opt to start working immediately in order to afford a decent property. 

“Youths are being indoctrinated in a culture of ‘I want everything now’, resulting in such a high number of early school leavers,” Delia said. 

“The PN will be working to instil into young people a culture of forward thinking, so they can take this country forward, as for now we do not know where the country is heading."

When asked about the high percentage of foreigners working in Malta, Delia said that the island had become like an ‘aircraft carrier’, where foreigners come to the island to work for two years, and then left.

Referring to the Worker’s Day mass meeting being organised by the Labour Party, due to be held next Tuesday, Delia said the government preferred to show of its power rather than hear the true needs of workers. 

“The PN will be on the ground, talking to workers, listening to their needs and working towards providing a better environment for all,” Delia said. 

“I have seen people working over-time for more than 50 hours, becoming a slave to the system created by Joseph Muscat and his government.” 

Delia concluded by saying that he would be attending the protest organised by Occupy Justice later on today in Valletta, as he maintained that he supported those who were putting their foot down and refusing to accept the government’s bad practices. 

“I strongly support those who will be voicing their concerns on the protection of democracy in the country. We must all stand up and stop these wrongdoings,” Delia insisted.