Maltese YouTubers could soon get paid for online work

Content creators rejoice! Maltese YouTubers could soon get paid for their online work by next September 

Maltese Youtubers could soon be paid for their online work as Google agrees to add Malta to YouTube’s partner programme.

Later this year, YouTube will be expanding its YouTube Partnership Programme to Malta, making the programme available to the growing ecosystem of local creators. This will enable creators to earn money from their videos and have access to a wide range of tools and resources to make the most of the content on YouTube.

In a statement, YouTube said Malta would join the ad programme in September.   

Creators can already access online lessons via the YouTube Creator Academy to get started and learn best practices, while the Creator Community gives creators a place to meet each other, find collaborations, and more. 

Youtube’s decision is of significance for viewers and fans in Malta meaning that it will make it easier to discover local creators and content. Youtube now has local versions in more than 90 countries, including Malta.

Fabian Borg, founder of Creators Malta, who took the initiative to petition Google to include Malta in the YouTube Partnership Programme, welcomed the approach.

 “I welcome Google and YouTube’s approach to localise their content sharing platform thereby giving Maltese content creators a level playing field with fellow creators in the EU and internationally. I see this as the start of the process towards the full inclusion of Malta into the YPP, which will finally give Maltese content creators the opportunity to commercialise their activity while at the same time creating a new economic sector for the country.”

Enrico Bellini, Public Policy Manager, Google, said, “We have heard loud and clear the requests from our local community in Malta and we hope that with a dedicated domain and the upcoming open up of the YouTube Partnership Programme (YPP) in September, we help paving the way for the work of more Maltese creators, artists and musicians to shine on the world most vibrant video community.”

Digital Economy parliamentary secretary Silvio Schembri expressed great satisfaction over Youtube’s decision to launch a country-specific version and local domain for Malta available in English at

 “This decision is a result of discussions the Maltese Government had with Google.  After having noted the petition of local content creators for Malta to be included in Google’s YouTube Partnership Programme, we have actively lobbied with Google both on a National and European level,” he said.

“We encourage all content creators to use this channel responsibly, to take the opportunity to promote their talent and our country.  I personally thank Google for the trust shown in Malta, for listening to our concerns and for their contribution in bolstering Malta’s digital economy.”

Maltese MEP, Dr Francis Zammit Dimech,  also welcomed the launch.

“YouTube is a very important platform especially for young artists who want to get out there and grow. Therefore I welcome the launch of a country-specific page and plans to later also compensate content generators to continue to support local artists and offer further quality content to users. This is something I truly believe in and in fact, I have been working on this matter with the Maltese YouTube community. "

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