Survey indicates comfortable lead for Muscat over Delia

The survey by the General Worker's Union newspaper it-Torca reveals a 26.2% gap between the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, with the Labour Party enjoying a 17.8-point lead over the Nationalist Party

A survey published by General Workers' Union newspaper It-Torca shows the Labour Party (PL) enjoying a 40.3% trust rating among the general polution, amounting to a 17.8% lead over the Nationalist Party (PN), which enjoys the trust of 27.9%.

The gap is even greater when comparing the two leaders with the the survey, carried out roughly a year since the PL was re-elected to government, showning that PL leader Joseph Muscat, currently enjoying an approval rating of 62.8%. PN leader Adrian Delia was found to be trailing Muscat by 26.2 points after 36.6% of respondents expressed their faith in him.

The survey comes a few weeks after a MaltaToday survey showed Musact being favoured by 52.6% of respondents - a 29-point lead over Delia who had 23.5% of the respondent approval. 

The survey released today indicates that the Labour Party currently has a 17.8% lead over the Nationalist Party, a lead that is equivalent to 55,000. 

The survey released by 'It-Torca', was conducted by Vincent Marmara who had accurately predicted Labour's victory in the last general election. Labour won the election with 54.8% of the votes to Forza Nazzjonali's 43.34%.