GreenPak increases ‘Crush&Win’ campaign prize to €500

The cooperative said it was extending its popular campaign to household collection

Alan Grech was the 100th winner of Crush&Win earlier this year
Alan Grech was the 100th winner of Crush&Win earlier this year

Recycling cooperative GreenPak has extended its Crush&Win campaign to household collection and has upped the prize to €500, the cooperative said on Sunday.

Launched in November, the campaign aims to increase recycling by the public. To be in with a chance to win €500, all participants have to do is crush their recyclable items, place them in the green recycling bag, insert a piece of paper with their telephone number written on it and leave it on their doorstep on a designated collection day.

“It is vital that we continue to spread the message that we should not only recycle as much material as possible, but that we should also optimise space when we do so. This is what Crush&Win is all about,” GreenPak CEO Mario Schembri said.

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Since it was launched back in November, the Crush&Win campaign has handed out over €15,000 in prizes. Up until now, the campaign was limited to bottles deposited at bring-in sites however the cooperative has now extended it to household collection.

GreenPak also recently took part in a related campaign at the Farsons Beerfest, which collected over 620kg in plastic bottles and 2,000 caps in just 10 days.

With the support of the Farsons Foundation, GreenPak and Zibel came up with PlastiKAXXA – whereby patrons at the Beerfest were able to dispose of their crushed plastic bottles and cups in seven containers made from re-used nets and wood that were dotted around the site.

A daily prize of €50 was awarded by GreenPak to participants on each day of the Beerfest.

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