[WATCH] Retired army officer to contest MEP elections with Partit Demokratiku

The party announced that Martin Cauchi Inglott will be running in next May’s elections in order to work for a better Malta

Martin Cauchi Inglott will be running for a seat at the European Parliament on a PD ticket
Martin Cauchi Inglott will be running for a seat at the European Parliament on a PD ticket

Martin Cauchi Inglott, a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Malta and a former diplomat, will be running for a seat at the European Parliament in next May’s elections on a Partit Demokratiku ticket, the party announced on Thursday.

Cauchi Inglott will be the PD’s second candidate after former party leader Anthony Buttigieg to announce his candidature.

In a Facebook post on the party’s page, Cauchi Inglott said he had already proudly served Malta for nearly three decades and that he would be honoured to continue doing so at the European Parliament.

The PD said Cauchi Inglott had decided to enter politics because he wanted to work for a better Malta, adding that he felt it had become clear that the next phase of service to his country would be through fighting for good governance, the environment and a healthier democracy. PD, he said, was the only viable political party which could offer this.

If elected, he said his primary focus in the European Parliament would be migration, given that he has extensive operational experience dealing with migration at sea. In addition to this he said he had policy experience in the field in Brussels. He also hopes to cover other areas which affect Malta, he said.

Party leader Godfrey Farrugia said Cauchi Inglott had been approved to run on the PD’s ticket following an internal process that included interviews with a board of scrutiny.

“Partit Demokratiku is building a people’s movement with the mission of fixing the broken system and renewing Malta,” Farrugia said.

About Martin Cauchi Inglott

Lt Col (Ret’d) Martin Cauchi Inglott is a retired senior Armed Forces of Malta naval officer who served as Commander of the Maritime Squadron between 2001 and 2008.

Martin relocated to Brussels during 2008 where he served as Military Representative to the EU and NATO Military Committees, and member of the FRONTEX Management Board on behalf of Malta. His final military appointment was as colonel with the EU Military Staff responsible for EU military engagement with the United Nations (UN), NATO, the US, China amongst others. Cauchi Inglott now serves as a consultant with the United Nations.

Cauchi Inglott joined PD in early 2018 and was appointed Assistant Secretary General in May 2018. Cauchi Inglott currently serves as Secretary General of PD and will continue doing so throughout the campaign.

Martin is married to Wenche and they have two sons: Mark, a serving officer in the AFM’s Maritime Squadron, and Kristian, a third year medical student.

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