PN will fix injustices caused by utility bills overcharging, David Agius says

The Nationalist Party deputy leader for parliamentary affairs David Agius tells the party's general council that overbilling in water and electricity bills is an injustice

PN deputy leader David Agius
PN deputy leader David Agius

The Nationalist Party will fix the injustices created by overbilling of utilities, deputy leader David Agius said this evening.

He said the PN had received more than 1,100 defective water and electricity bills from people and in one case a family was overcharged by €600 on a yearly bill of €3,700.

A future PN government will introduce a transparent and just billing system, Agius said when he addressed Thursday’s session of the party’s general council.

Agius said the Opposition would continue to wholeheartedly fight against corruption in government but it could not forget the vulnerable in society and those who were suffering.

“We will continue being a positive Opposition that encourages government to act and seriously tackle the problems of the vulnerable and those at risk of poverty,” he said.

Agius insisted the country needed a long-term plan to take Malta to 2030 and beyond.

The PN’s general council is meeting this week and will come to an end on Sunday with Adrian Delia’s speech.

The council is discussing a document titled Wealth for All in a Society that Cares.

Agius said the party wanted to ensure that the wealth generated would be fairly distributed. "It is important to ensure families have a better quality of life, with decent wages rather than cheap labour," he added.

“The Maltese want people with a vision, someone they can trust and serious leadership,” Agius concluded.