Workers a priority for the PN, Adrian Delia tells activists

The PN leader says a long-term plan is needed if the government continues with a policy to import 15,000 foreign workers every year

PN leader Adrian Delia (File photo)
PN leader Adrian Delia (File photo)

People and workers are a priority for the Nationalist Party, Adrian Delia said as he hit out at what he described as Joseph Muscat’s yardstick to calculate wealth by how big the population grows.

“Joseph Muscat uses only numbers to measure wealth; if the population grows, for him the economy would have grown as well but this does not tell you if people are living better,” Delia said this morning as he addressed a seminar organised by the party’s workers solidarity movement.

The PN leader insisted the country needed a long-term plan if government persisted in bringing over 15,000 foreign workers every year.

“The increase of foreign workers is causing a rise in cheap labour, where wages remain low and work conditions are eroded,” Delia said. 

He insisted that financial poverty increased by 10,000 people in five years and many families were not making ends meet.

The Opposition leader said the government was cheating people out of higher electricity bills as a result of the gas power station.

“The PN is understanding the changes happening in society and will draft a serious plan that will ensure wealth generated is distributed well,” Delia said.