[WATCH] Msida Valley Road Bridge upgrade moves to next phase

Once completed the old 1970s bridge will be one of the widest bridge structures in Malta

Work on an upgrade to the Msida Valley Bridge entered its second phase on Tuesday night, as Infrastrucutre Malta workers starting detaching the bridge from the rest of the structure, the Infrastructure Ministry said on Thursday.

The current Msida Valley Road Bridge is being replaced with a bigger structure that can accommodate the realignment and widening of Regional Road, as part of a major upgrade of this artery and seven nearby junctions, the ministry said.

Minister Ian Borg, visited work on the bridge on Tuesday, and noted that the 1970s bridge, which spans two carriageways of Regional Road over Msida Valley Road, needs to be rebuilt in order to accommodate the additional lanes, and to optimise the road’s alignments and “super elevation”, for increased safety. 

“Part of the existing bridge deck started being detached from the rest of the structure on Tuesday night, to make way for completion of the abutments and to position the first of 12 concrete beams that will support the new bridge deck,” Borg was quoted saying.

“These 20-metre beams are being cast at an offsite location and will start being transported to Regional Road in the coming weeks. It is to be noted that once complete, the new bridge will be one of the widest bridge structures in Malta, extending 23.5 metres.”

The first phase of the works say Infrastructure Malta construct the first of the two additional Regional Road lanes as well as the start of construction of the foundations and abutments of the new bridge.

A few days ago, the ministry said, the two carriageways of Regional Road were shifted by a few metres so that the bridge construction works could continue without affecting any of the four lanes currently in use.

It added that the reconstruction of the bridge and the widening of the two Regional Road carriageways are being implemented in phases to ensure that the existing lanes and connections of the road are kept open, with the least possible disruptions to road users.

“We have introduced the concept of carrying out roadworks at night and I believe that this is the true way forward in order to create the least possible disruption during the day. It was a great pleasure for me to be able to meet these workers on site, and I would like to express my gratitude for their effort,” Borg said.

Parts of the new lane along the southbound carriageway of Regional Road will be opened to road users soon, Borg said, adding that Infrastructure Malta had also started the construction of the sixth lane along the sides of the northbound carriageway.

Borg said that improving the stretch of Regional Road was important to improve the road’s safety. 

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