Weather warning: Gregale wind will continue to pick up speed

The wind hitting the east coast is expected to reach Force 7 and higher in the afternoon

Very strong winds will hit Malta's east coast
Very strong winds will hit Malta's east coast

The wind from the north east is expected to pick up speed in the afternoon, according to the Meteorological Office at Malta International Airport.

The Met office is forecasting Force 7 winds as the central Mediterranean is enveloped by a trough of low pressure extending from Libya.

At 9.30am the Met office was warning of moderate gregale wind hitting the Valletta harbours. Malta's east coast will be exposed to the strong wind.

Wind speed is expected to pick up throughout the day, becoming very strong later in the afternoon.

Forecaster Windfinder, an online service, is predicting maximum wind gusts of 40 knots by this evening.

On 24 February, Malta was hit by gale force winds that wreaked havoc on the roads and caused destruction to trees, vehicles and property. No injuries were reported.

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