PN collects €525,078 in Worker’s Day marathon

Adrian Delia says the party will be using the funds to continue strengthening its message among the Maltese and Gozitan people 

The Nationalist Party has collected in €525,078 during its Worker’s Day marathon on Wednesday.

The marathon titled ‘Flimkien ghal Pajjizna’, was held at the PN headquarters in Pieta’, and was attended by party leader Adrian Delia and various party officials. 

The funds will be used to finance the PN’s electoral campaign for the European Parliament and local council elections on 25 May. 

In an interview during the marathon, Adrian Delia told party faithful that the PN is the vehicle by which the voice of the Maltese people is being conveyed.

Delia also said the party needs the funds to continue strengthening it voice amongst society.