[LISTEN] Delia declares end of ‘politics of division’ as he calls on detractors to join reform

Fresh from a win in yesterday’s confidence vote, PN leader Adrian Delia said he party could now embark on the process of reform that it requires

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has called on the party supporters to unite and contribute to the PN's process of reform
Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has called on the party supporters to unite and contribute to the PN's process of reform

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia declared that end of the “politics of division and hatred” as he pledged to reform the party and to put up a worthy challenge to the present government.

“We must discard the politics of hatred and division,” Delia said during a brief phone interview on the party’s NET FM.

“No more, it doesn’t exist, it is over. The Maltese and Gozitan people don’t want the politics of division and hatred, and the Nationalist Party led by Adrian Delia will be doing exactly this.”

Delia was speaking the day after he won a vote of confidence within the party’s general council, with just under 68% of those who cast a vote opting to keep the leader at least until the next general election.

He insisted that the victory wasn’t his, but the party’s as more than 90% of eligible voters had chosen to “come out and express their views on the party”.

‘Come forward with your ideas’

Delia made an appeal to those who “love the country, society and the common good” to come forward and be a part of the PN’s reform, while calling on party members to remember that they were not each other’s adversaries.

“The mentality of us and them needs to stop because ultimately it only favours those who don’t want to see a strong and united Nationalist Party,” he said.  

He insisted that he wanted to see an end to hatred online, insisting that this went beyond politics. “Everyone has a right to an opinion and to express themselves. Parties that believe in democracy defend to the death the right for people to speak out freely against them.”

Delia stressed that he was determined to carry out the necessary reforms. PN grandee Louis Galea was recently appointed by Delia to spearhead this process, and has set himself a year to compile a report on the way forward.

The PN leader pointed to an advert in the Nationalist Party’s il-Mument newspaper, which calls for applications for individuals to join Galea’s team.

“The call is open to everyone… the main requirement is that you love the country, society and the common good,” Delia said, adding that the party was looking for a diverse group of individuals who were able to work as a part of a team.

Disagreements to be discussed internally not online

Turning to his detractors and those who publicly stated their opposition to his leadership, Delia said he wanted to hear what they had to say.

“There are some valid arguments, and some we must understand… If we are not untied we will definitely not be electable and if you don’t work with us we will surely not be electable,” Delia said.

He insisted that those who disagreed with the leadership needed to come forward and discuss their views internally, rather than rushing to Facebook or Twitter.

“There is room for everyone… those who continue to refuse to work for the party and who only want their way would be making a declaration that they are not part of this team and the process of reform but are part of a mentality that will not change.”

Zero tolerance to corruption and prioritization of the environment  

Delia said the PN would continue to be firm in its criticism of the government and would maintain a zero-tolerance approach to corruption.

The party, he said, would take the fight to government and use whatever means necessary to seek justice.

Turning to the environment and this morning’s protest, Delia said it was ironic that in an age of increased awareness about global warming brought about by climate change, the government was uprooting more trees and “drying the country out”.

The fight to protect the environment was one the PN wanted to take the lead in, Delia said. “We have a patrimonial obligation towards our children and future generations.”

He said the PN would have the courage to say the government did good but that it could do better.