[WATCH] Joseph Muscat refuses to speculate on a timeline for his exit

'I will stay on after the Budget'

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Joseph Muscat to stay on as Prime Minister after Budget 2020

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has stuck to his statement on Sunday that he will be around after the Budget to ensure it is implemented, when asked whether he has changed his mind about leaving.

Muscat was compelled on Sunday to cut out speculation that he would leave just after the Budget after prospective candidates for his post stepped up their campaigning over the summer months. In an interview on One Radio he said he would not be leaving, "before, during or after the Budget".

On Tuesday, after exiting a Cabinet meeting, Muscat would not speculate on a timeline for his exit.

“I have always been clear on this — I said I would not only work to present the Budget but to implement it as well,” he told reporters.

MaltaToday reported on Sunday that Muscat had asked ministers intending to contest the leadership once he vacates the job, to tone down their campaigning.

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It's an open secret that Health Minister Chris Fearne, Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi and Transport Minister Ian Borg intend on contesting the leadership.

“I will be working on the Budget and will stay on after the Budget,” Muscat said.

Muscat's hopes for a top EU job were dashed when he was not nominated as the next president of the European Council. Had he been nominated, Muscat would have had to resign as Prime Minister by 31 October.

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