[WATCH] Adrian Delia will give verdict on Gozo tunnel only when all reports are out

The PN leader says that his previous legal experience in the financial sector will help him understand and convince businesses that their investment would be worthwhile under a Nationalist government  

PN Leader Adrian Delia
PN Leader Adrian Delia

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia has stated that he will give his verdict on whether he is in favour or against the Gozo tunnel only when all studies are published.  

Interviewed by MaltaToday’s managing editor, Saviour Balzan, Delia stated that the permanent link would be a monumental decision for the country, and so one must approach the debate with caution.

“What I am saying is let us see the full published reports, and what they have to say about the tunnel’s impact, and then we can take a decision,” Delia said.

The interview was held at the PN headquarters in Pieta as part of the party's Independence Day celebrations.

Asked how he has changed the party since becoming leader in 2017, Delia said that he feels the PN is slowly moving towards the people it had lost contact with in its last years in office.

“We need to be in contact with people, and this is being felt,” Delia said.

Delia was also asked about his approach to businesses, and how he plans to overcome the current government’s close relationship with them.

“We must convince them that under a PN government, their investments will be worthwhile,” he said.

Delia also suggested that his previous legal experience in the business sector will also help to strengthen his relationship with them.

On challenges faced by the PN in terms of getting its message through to the people beyond its own platforms, Delia said that the party must look to be innovative.

“While I admit that we have ways in which we can improve, I believe that it should be the people that carry our message. It is them that will turn this ripple into a wave,” he told those present.

On those sections of the party that may have migrated to civil society groups like Occupy Justice and Republika, Delia said that the party will continue to strive towards justice and free speech.

The PN's celebrations are taking place at its headquarters in Pieta
The PN's celebrations are taking place at its headquarters in Pieta

“It is in the fabric of the PN to fight for truth and justice, and we will carry on doing so,” he said.

The Opposition leader was non-committal when asked whether he would withdraw the extension in development boundaries created by the PN in 2006, if he had to be elected to power.

“I am not against development, what I want is a long-term plan. Let’s forget our political differences, and let’s employ planners that can lay out the country’s ambitions in the years to come,” he said.

Delia insisted that the government has no long-term plan, and such lack of preparation will have devastating effects on the country.

The PN leader also said the government betrayed the people in the environment sector.

“The Labour Party made a vow to make the environment a priority, but it turned back on its word, that is something we won’t do,” he said.

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