400 patients making use of medical cannabis in Malta

Health Minister Chris Fearne was speaking during the Medical Cannabis World event

Over 400 patients are using medical cannabis in Malta, Health Minister Chris Fearne has said.

The Deputy Prime Minister was speaking during the Medical Cannabis World event, where he stated that this was only made possible by recent legislation introduced by parliament in 2018.

Fearne also said that despite the success, the industry still faces a number of challenges.

According to the health minister, patients must be educated on the use of medical cannabis, while stating that the safety should always be first on the agenda.

Fearne also stated that research and clinical evidence on medical cannabis still pose a challenge.

“Today we have 32 doctors who have recommended medical cannabis to their patients, but this is still a small number in comparison to the number of medics in Malta,” he said.

The deputy PM called for more research, stating that it would increase doctors’ trust in medical cannabis.

Fearne also said that one of the challenges facing the medical cannabis industry is counterfeit products.

“We must abide by the regulation of the Medicine Authority, so we ensure the integrity and security of the product, Fearne concluded.

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