Updated | Repubblika to hold national protest this evening and on Sunday

This would be the fifth anti-corruption protest in less than a week

Protestors outside Castille on Tuesday evening
Protestors outside Castille on Tuesday evening

Civil society group Repubblika have announced a national protest for next Sunday.

In a Facebook post, the civil society group said that now that the truth has started to emerge, all that remains is for justice to be served.

“As long as Joseph Muscat remains in office, he will remain an obstacle to justice,” the post read.

Protestors will start walking from City Gate at around 4 pm.

The civil society group also called for unity beyond partisan politicians.

“We note that in this spirit the Nationalist Party cancelled the protest it had announced for Sunday,” the civil society groups said.   

Repubblika, the civil society group, has also called for another protest outside Castille on Wednesday night, as the movement's momentum keeps escalating. This would be the fifth protest in less than a week. 

Tuesday's political dramatic events saw the resignations of Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi, the Prime Minister's chief of staff Keith Schembri and the auto-suspension of Labour party deputy leader Chris Cardona,

On Tuesday night, protestors hurled eggs and carrots at Labour MPs as they they were leaving parliament after a heated session. They called for Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to follow suit and step down. 

Repubblika's Manuel Delia wrote on his blog that tonight's protest aims to put pressure on MPs to force Muscat to step down as Prime Minister. Muscat had previously said he would not resign and would stay on to guarantee stability in the country.

"MPs have the power to remove the prime minister. Joseph Muscat is an obstruction to justice. MPs have the duty to remove the prime minister. We have a duty to remind them that," Delia wrote.

Tuesday's protest drew thousands of people outside Parliament who then moved to Castille square. Tonight's protest will start at 6pm outside Parliament and then move to Castille square by 7pm.