300 University of Malta academics demand Muscat resign immediately

304 signatures in academics petition calling for Prime Minister Joesph Muscat to resign immediately 

University of Malta lecturers from various faculties have called for the immediate resignation of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

The petition, which garnered 304 signatures as of Wednesday morning. said that those entrusted with power had betrayed Maltese citizens,in the most serious manner, highlighting that they have has also damaged the trust the international community has with Malta.  

“In this context, Joseph Muscat must resign or be removed from office with immediate effect. This is necessary for the investigations to proceed without impediment from the Office of the Prime Minister,” the academics said. 

Muscat will step down as leader of Labour on 12 January once the party elected its new leader.

However, an unparalleled wave of protests have taken place in Malta over the last few weeks, calling for Muscat’s immediate resignation.

On Tuesday seven MEPs arrived in Malta for a series of meetings with various governmental intuitions and stakeholders. 

Dutch MEP Sophie In’t Veld told journalists after meeting Prime Minister Joseph Muscat earlier this morning that basis of trust between Malta and the European Union “does not seem to be there anymore.”

“We have made it very clear that there is a problem. This is now an issue between Malta and the EU, not just between the PM and the Maltese. That trust has been very seriously damaged. Justice being and that truth is coming out and this is the most important thing,” In’t Veld said.

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