Egrant inquiry conclusions being investigated, police say

Police try to pre-empt Adrian Delia with one-line statement saying that investigations into conclusions reached by the Egrant inquiry report are ongoing

Police insist Egrant inquiry report conclusions are still being investigated
Police insist Egrant inquiry report conclusions are still being investigated

Police investigations of the conclusions and recommendations made in the Egrant inquiry report are ongoing, the force said today.

The police reacted to a speech by Opposition leader Adrian Delia last Sunday in which he lambasted lack of action against Nexia BT partner Karl Cini after the Egrant inquiring magistrate recommended he be investigated.

However, the police statement released this afternoon came a few minutes before Delia held a press conference outside police headquarters in Floriana.

Delia said on Sunday that he would give the authorities 48 hours, after which he would instruct his lawyers to seek a police investigation of Cini’s testimony as recommended by the inquiry.

The Egrant inquiry’s conclusions were published in the summer of 2018 but the full report was only released last month by Delia after he won a court battle to have access to it.

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The police statement referred to a previous communication from December that said all recommendations and conclusions of the inquiry are being actively investigated by the Malta police, some in connection with other inquiring magistrates and competent authorities.

“A number of recommendations are already being investigated by the Malta police and the inquiring magistrates, and these include those pertaining to the relationship of Mr Keith Schembri with Mr Brian Tonna [of Nexia BT]; Mr Keith Schembri [Prime Minister’s former chief of staff] with Mr Adrian Hillman [former managing director at Times of Malta]; the Pilatus Bank investigation; and the investigations with regards to the company 17 Black and its relationship with Hearnville Inc. and Tillgate Inc,” the police statement read.