Robert Abela has the right qualities to lead the country forward, Joseph Muscat says

The outgoing Prime Minister said that newly elected Labour leader Robert Abela, is ‘one of the brightest minds’ he has ever known

Jospeh Muscat
Jospeh Muscat

Outgoing Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has said that new Labour leader Robert Abela has the right abilities to lead the country.

On the early hours of Sunday, the result of the Labour Party’s leadership election race was announced, confirming Robert Abela as the leader succeeding Joseph Muscat, making him the 14th Prime Minister of Malta.

With a turnout of 92.5%, 57.9% of PL members voted for Robert Abela while 41.1% voted for Chris Fearne. Abela garnered 2,544 more votes than Fearne.

In a call-in on the party’s radio station ONE Radio, Joseph Muscat said that Abela was “one of the brightest minds” he knew.

“I am proud to hand over the keys to Castille to him,” Muscat said.

The out-going PM said that Abela will ensure continuity to the government’s work, stating that the PL’s 2017 general election manifesto must be completed.

“This was not a general election, and I have no doubt that Abela can continue carrying out this administration’s work,” Muscat said.

He also said that Robert Abela will be free to carry out any changes he deems fit, and said that he will fully support his decisions.

“Abela needs to change any aspects that may have been wrong, including mistakes made by myself, and I will be the first one to support him and motivate him to carry out these changes,” Muscat said.

On issues surrounding Abela’s lack of experience, Muscat drew a comparison to his early days at the helm of the party.

“They said the same things about me when I was elected, and I have no doubt that Abela has the skillset to lead the party and the country forward,” he said.

Muscat also hailed Chris Fearne for his invaluable work in the government, stating that he has been crucial to the country’s success.

“Chris is one of the best elements in the PL, and I have no doubt in him being central to the work of the Labour Party in the years to come,” Muscat said.

The out-going Prime Minister said that he would be handing in his resignation on Monday afternoon, paving the way for Robert Abela’s swearing in.

Muscat also praised the organisational structures within the party, stating that the electoral process was carried out in the most professional way.

“This shows that strength of the party’s democratic process,” Muscat said.