Reporter to discuss government’s development policies

Reporter on TVM to discuss government’s strategy on development and concerns put forward by the environmentalist lobby.

Parliamentary Secretary responsible for MEPA Michael Farrugia
Parliamentary Secretary responsible for MEPA Michael Farrugia

Reporter on TVM will tonight discuss the government's development policies and its efforts to strike a balance between reviving the fortunes of the construction industry and environmental protection. The programme will debate whether the Labour administration is pro-environment or pro-construction?

On tonight's Reporter, MediaToday Managing Editor Saviour Balzan will delve into environmental concerns together with Parliamentary Secretary responsible for MEPA and the Lands Department, Michael Farrugia, Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) coordinator, Astrid Vella and the president of the Malta Developers' Association, Sandro Chetcuti.

Saviour Balzan will be looking into whether the green lobbyist's criticism is justified and whether the latest changes to the outside-development-zone construction (ODZ) policy facilitate over-development.

Recently, Astrid Vella has hit out at the government for "overlooking" the people's stand against more development in Malta, claiming the government is not listening to the majority.

"Rather than addressing the people's worries and stands against overdevelopment, the government is instead widening its policies to facilitate more development and the building of taller buildings and the ODZ policy," the FAA coordinator said during the government's public consultation meeting in Pembroke two weeks ago.

The latest MEPA policy on ODZ has been the main bone of contention between green lobbyists and the government and MEPA. However, the issue reached boiling point last October after the authority - seven months into the government's legislature - approved the Mistra redevelopment project.

Reporter is aired live every Monday at 6.55pm on TVM. The programme is repeated on TVM2 on Monday at 10.15pm.

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