Marlene Farrugia interviewed by Saviour Balzan

Tonight on PBS’s Reporter – Labour MP Marlene Farrugia discusses the resignation of partner Godfrey Farrugia as health minister and the performance of Joseph Muscat’s government

Outspoken MP Marlene Farrugia
Outspoken MP Marlene Farrugia

The outspoken Labour backbencher Marlene Farrugia will take the seat on PBS’s Reporter tonight, after having taken umbrage at the way her partner Godfrey Farrugia was treated by the Muscat administration.

Farrugia resigned as health minister two weeks ago, prompting a Cabinet reshuffle by Joseph Muscat.

Farrugia has been carving herself a role as a ‘dissident’ Labour backbencher, not refusing to call into question certain decisions by the Muscat administration.

She has been vocal about the way the controversial sale of citizenship was introduced, the heavy-handed treatment by police of former broadcaster, now PN candidate, Norman Vella, and the issuance of a planning permit for the Mistra Heights high-rise.

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