First aid trucks enter Gaza, as the first two Hamas hostages are released

Rafah crossing is now open for first aid trucks to enter Gaza and foreigners to leave • Israel strike the Church of Saint Porphyrius, where hundreds of Christians and Muslims were seeking refuge

The Rafah crossing is now open. (Photo: X)
The Rafah crossing is now open. (Photo: X)

First aid trucks are starting to enter Gaza through Rafah crossing, Egyptian TV reports.

The crossing between Egypt and Gaza opened this morning, at around 8am, giving access to 20 trucks carrying medicine, medical equipment, and a limited amount of food, Hamas’s media office has confirmed.

This also permitted foreigners to leave Gaza, which is currently under Israel fire.

Israel had reached an agreement with United States President Joe Biden, that aid would be sent to Gaza, but not through Israel, only through the border with Egypt.

Hamas has also released two hostages, a mother and a daughter. The father and ex-husband of the hostages freed by Hamas says they both seem well after speaking to them following their release.

The US citizens, Judith and Natalie Raanan, were taken by Hamas when Israel was stormed two weeks ago.

Qatar is currently brokering deals with Hamas to release the other 200 hostages.

According to international media, Israel now faces a dilemma. While the country vowed to wipe Hamas from Gaza, Hamas hinted the possibility that more could be released by negotiation.

Meanwhile, Palestinian media has reported that Gaza passed through heavy Israeli bombardment overnight.

Six homes in northern Gaza early on Saturday, killing at least eight people, and injuring 45.

Israel also struck the Church of Saint Porphyrius in Gaza City, the main Palestinian Christian denomination, where hundreds of Christians and Muslims had sought refuge.