Trump's New Hampshire win marred by mockery as he calls Haley 'an imposter'

Donald Trump closes in on Biden as he secures another victory in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday

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(Photo: X)

Donald Trump secured another victory in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, further solidifying his lead in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. 

Trump's triumph, following his decisive win in Iowa, marks an unprecedented achievement as the first non-incumbent in the modern era to secure victories in both critical early states.

With 55% of the votes counted at 11 pm Eastern Standard Time, Trump left his main rival, Nikki Haley, trailing at 43.5%. 

Despite this setback, Haley remained defiant at her election night party, asserting that the race was far from over and placing her hopes on the upcoming South Carolina primary.

Addressing his supporters at a post-election party in Nashua, New Hampshire, Trump celebrated his victory but took a controversial turn by mocking Haley. 

“Just a little note to Nikki, she’s not going to win,” Trump boldly declared in a somewhat display of pettiness.

Trump even went further, seemingly threatening his opponent with an investigation into unspecified matters, stating, “she'll be under investigation for stuff she doesn't want to talk about.”

Trump’s choice to humiliate his rival, was quite reminiscent of his past, when the 2020 election took a divisive and confrontational approach