Jibril reveals belief Col. Gaddafi was executed by ‘order of foreign force’

Libya’s former interim Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril has expressed belief that a ‘foreign force ordered the execution’ of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

In a surprise statement, Mahmoud Jibril, the current chair of the National Transitional Council (NTC), said he had a sense that Col. Gaddafi was killed on the orders of a third party.

Jibril said that he hoped "they don't kill the person who shot Col. Gaddafi, and be arrested, because many of the secrets behind the killing could be revealed."

He also added that "this man has relations with several countries and leaders.”

While stressing he has no clear evidence of the killing, Jibril says that Gaddafi was arrested and kept alive for a while. “After the attack on his face, he was suddenly killed,” he said.

He went on to express his belief that a third party “may be a State, or a President or leader in any way who wanted Gaddafi killed, so as not to reveal the many secrets that only Gaddafi could have known.”
Meanwhile, Jibril said the presence of Saif al-Islam and Abdullah Sanusi (who are still at large) pose a threat to the Libyan rebellion, pointing out that both are wanted by the ICC.

He said that it is probable that both wanted men are hiding somewhere in the south of Libya, possibly with plenty of cash, which is dangerous.”

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@ John Azzopardi - I gather you know more than Jibril, because you're anything BUT 'stupid'. Mur kul naqa Maltova u ara ma jaqaghlekx ix-xorts, Gann, hi...
Ca va sans dire monsieur Jibril
Jabril should refrain from making stupid comments unless he has evidence in his hands.
Is it "reveals belief" as in the title or "expressed belief" as in the first ? "Reveals" implies something that was intentionally hidden. Is it (yet again) an issue of poor choice of words or is it a calculated misuse of words to catch the eye ? Having said that, I agree with Martin Borg who says that everything is plausible when referring to the article itself.
What Mr Jibril stated might be very true but one cannot dismiss the fact that there could be someone or more than one member of the NTC involved. Everything is plausible.