’Ndrangheta betting network: third betting firm faces licence suspension

Vincenzo Giuliano, Fenplay Ltd director, was one of 28 placed under police custody by Italian police

The Malta Gaming Authority has suspended the remote gaming licence of Fenplay Limited, a betting company registered at The Plaza in Sliema, over connections with the ’Ndrangheta betting network.

Fenplay’s director is Vincenzo Giuliano, one of 28 Italians placed under police custody by the Italian police.

The Authority said Fenplay’s licence was suspended on 28 July and the betting firm was directed to indefinitely suspend all gaming operations, cease to register new players, suspend all transactions on all websites, including deposits and withdrawals, and submit all data and documentation requested by the Authority.

Any websites operated by Fenplay Limited, or associated with Fenplay Limited, and which make reference to the Authority or the above-quoted licence are not approved to be operational by the Authority. Due to the suspension of the licence, Fenplay Limited is therefore not authorised to continue conducting gaming by means of distance communications under an Authority licence.

Players who deem to have any outstanding payments due to them on the mentioned licence are to send an email to [email protected].

The MGA yesterday also suspended Soft Bet Ltd’s and Soft Casino Ltd’s licence.

The suspension of licences – and the arrest of six Italian nationals in Malta – followed a crackdown by Italian police on an entire on line betting network of companies, with direct connections to the ’Ndrangheta, the notorious Calabria criminal organisation.

Part of the network was headquartered in Malta.

Reports in the Italian media said that the police inquiry dubbed ‘Gambling’ shows that the Texas Holdem Poker tournaments in Malta were being used for the recycling of money deriving from criminal activities, principally from the Tegano clan.