Two separate incidents off Libyan coast leave 47 dead

17 individuals drowned when their boat capsized while 30 other were found dead in the hull of another vessel, believed to have perished from inhaling engine fumes

A Swedish coast guard vessel assisting in the rescue
A Swedish coast guard vessel assisting in the rescue

Some 30 bodies were recovered from the hull of a boat that was carrying some 400 people 30 miles north of Libya by the crew of the Swedish coastguard Poseidon, according to Migrant Report.

They were found close to the engine and are believed to have died from fume inhalation and asphyxia.

Earlier in the day 17 individuals drowned after their boat capsised some five miles north of the Libyan coastal town of Zuwara on Wednesday. A spokesman for the Zuwara coastguard which spotted and saved 20 people, men and women and recovered three bodies.

But the survivors, mostly from Nigeria and Ghana, said they were travelling in a group of about 40 when they boat overturned in bad weather some four hours after the boat left.

The coastguard started the rescue at 4am and continue with the search into the afternoon but nobody else was spotted.

There are currently eight rescue operations taking place, involving more than 2,000 people in what looks like another challenging day for rescuers.

While the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) and Medicines Sans Frontieres were assisting the Swedish vessel Poseidon, another boat appeared on the horizon carrying at least 700 more people.

The operation is ongoing.