The Telegraph newspaper accidentally publishes Prince Philip’s obituary

Someone’s about to have a bad day…

The title screamed ‘HOLD HOLD HOLD’… and yet, somebody must have been unaware of what was happening when they clicked the ‘publish’ button of The Telegraph’s obituary for the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Queen's Consort announced in May he would be retiring from royal engagements after more than 65 years supporting the monarch in her role as head of state and attending events for his own charities and organisations.

But ‘disaster’ struck at The Telegraph when it accidentally published the short obituary it has in store for the monarch once he passes away – what the Italian press calls the ‘crocodile’, a pre-prepared obituary for celebrities and personalities, the reference being to an insincere show of sorrow.

The obituary also included a series of feature pieces detailing the history of the royal couple, Philip’s notorious gaffes, and even a soundbite from the Queen describing Philip as her ‘strength and stay’.

The Duke of Edinburgh will meet Royal Marines who have completed a mammoth 1,664 mile trek on Wednesday – his final official Royal event before he retires from public engagements.

In the grounds of Buckingham Palace, Philip will celebrate the achievements of servicemen who have taken part in the 1664 Global Challenge, a series of strength and endurance feats raising funds and awareness for the Royal Marines Charity.

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