Rallies for gun control kick off across the globe

Protest marches across the United States and other countries are gaining momentum in a bid for tighter gun control.

Half a million protestors are expected to descend on Washington alone.
Half a million protestors are expected to descend on Washington alone.

Hundreds of thousands of protestors are marching in Washington to call for tighter gun control.

The Washington march is expected to attract around half a million protestors.

It comes in the aftermath of the gun attacks at a high school in Florida on 14th February, with sister protests set to kick-off across the nation and the world. Protests are planned for London, Edinburgh, Geneva and Sydney.

The march has been organised by March For Our Lives, a movement which is calling for change in gun-control laws after the Florida attacks.

The organisers have released statements saying that the march will become ‘standing room only’ as large crowds are expected.

Various celebrities have also joined in the march, with notable names Ariana Grande and Lin-Manuel Hamilton set to perform for the crowds.

Despite the large expected turnout, gun-control still divides Americans, whose right to bear arms is protected in the second-amendment of the United States constitution. The gun lobby, most notably the National Rifle Association (NRA), also retains a powerful influence over US politics.

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