Theresa May stays on as Prime Minister as she wins confidence vote

As Brexit developed into a no confidence vote in the British Prime Minister, Theresa May is hanging on as she takes home the confidence vote and retains leadership of the Tory party

Britain Prime Minister Theresa May
Britain Prime Minister Theresa May

Theresa May has won a confidence vote in her leadership of the Tory party. She will stay on as Prime Minister for one more year. 

She delivered a short speech outside Number 10, saying that this was a long and challenging day. 

"But at the end of it, I'm please to have have received the backing of my colleagues in tonight’s ballot. Whilst I’m grateful for that support, a significant number of colleagues did cast a vote against me and I have listened to what they said. Following this ballot, we now need to get on with the job of delivering Brexit for the British people and building a better future for this country," she said.

She has won confidence by 200 votes to 117. That is equivalent to 63% for and 37% against. 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said, "Tonight's vote makes no difference to the lives of our people. The prime minister has lost her majority in parliament, her government is in chaos and she is unable to deliver a Brexit deal that works for the country and puts jobs and the economy first."

Corbyn said that Labour was ready to govern and to deliver a deal that protected the living standards of workers. 

May's Brexit negotiations, as it stands, will continue.

A majority of Conversative MPs backed her in a secret ballot after the prime minister signalled she would step down before the 2022 election. 

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Theresa May has had to postpone her European Brexit tour to tend to troubles within her own Conservative Party back home as she faced a vote of no confidence.

The British Prime Minister’s fate as leader of the party was determined tonight.

The vote of no confidence was triggered after at least 15% of Conservative MPs asked for it.

May has been under pressure over the Brexit deal she brought home from Brussels, which has faced all-out opposition.

A lot of people chimed in about the occasion with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker reiterating that the withdrawal agreement "cannot be reopened or contradicted."

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