Small parties say country's cry for change lies in voters' hands

Small parties and independent MEP candidates had their chance to get their message out in a special edition of TVM's Xtra

ADPD Chair Sandra Gauci called on voters to make a change by not letting others decide for you
ADPD Chair Sandra Gauci called on voters to make a change by not letting others decide for you

In a special episode of TVM’s Xtra, three political parties and two independent candidates for the upcoming MEP elections addressed voters, claiming they are the country's only hope.

“Do not let others decide for you. We need change, and staying at home won’t bring that change,” said Sandra Gauci, chairperson of ADPD.

Reflecting on the past, Gauci noted that she still observes traces of tribalism in society, which could be one of the main reasons why a third party has never been elected, besides other government-led measures that eliminate the same possibility.

"I feel like a third party is the diet the country really needs, but when Monday comes, the diet never starts," she joked.

Gauci explained how she meets several people who enjoy listening to her, agree with the party’s values, and understand the need for change but lack the courage to vote for a third party.

"I understand the challenges; I understand not having your family speak to you because you did not vote for PL or PN; I went through it myself... But we cannot continue voting for PL or PN simply because we were born into a family of PL or PN voters. You have a brain. Use it," she said.

Cassola says Joseph Muscat gave us civil liberties, but let ethics rot

Arnold Cassola’s name often appears in the news, particularly in reports to the Standards Commissioners accusing politicians of breaching ethics. When asked about this on TVM’s Xtra, Cassola attributed it to the result of the two-party political system, which fosters arrogance.

"In the last 20 years, we have seen positive changes, such as those implemented by Joseph Muscat’s administration in terms of civil liberties... but we have lost the country’s soul, money has become everything. This is where I blame Muscat for allowing ethics to rot."

Cassola is focusing on four main priorities in his campaign: the environment, a just and compassionate society, accountability, and youth.

Regarding the latter, Cassola emphasised that youth represents the country’s only hope, but the nation is losing their talent.

"Young people want to leave, and whereas a mother would do everything to keep you here, now a mother tells you to 'get your A-levels and leave'... the brightest minds are departing the country," he stated.

No legal action against ABBA’s Ivan Grech Mintoff after egg stunt on Freedom Day

No legal action was taken against Ivan Grech Mintoff, the leader of ABBA, after he threw eggs at Abela’s feet and claimed the government was destroying Malta’s neutrality on freedom Day.

Confirming this, Grech Mintoff said the stunt was part of a campaign on the “abuse” of the constitution’s neutrality clause by political parties.

Grech Mintoff accused both parties of going against the Maltese constitution and “dragging Malta into someone else's war.”

He asserted that at present, Maltese soldiers are engaged in military operations, in support to Malta’s allies.

"The Prime Minister is attending monuments, purportedly guaranteeing neutrality, while Maltese troops are deployed to fight the wars of others," Grech Mintoff explained.

He insisted that the Maltese constitution is clear and Malta should refrain from anything that could abuse the clause.

"The constitution is clear. Not even to peel potatoes; you simply cannot assist alliances. The constitution obliges us to work towards peace, participating in a 'helping operation' is the total opposite."

'I was always consistent' – Edwin Vassallo

As an independent candidate, Edwin Vassallo is focusing on family, life, and liberty.

Speaking on these priorities, Vassallo said he was always consistent, and his stance on the three is well known.

Speaking on abortion, Vassallo said this was precisely the subject that enticed him to contest.

"Two months ago, I was not considering contesting; it began when the attacks started, from Joseph Muscat speaking about 'the woman's right' to Maltese MEP Cyrus Engerer advocating for abortion in Malta to become a fundamental right."

In light of these "attacks," both political parties remained silent, Vassallo said, and no one was speaking for the vulnerable.

"There was only silence, because our political parties are one establishment; looking at them, you cannot tell them apart."