Jackpot.com introduces the sensational ‘PICK 3’ lottery

Get ready to double your daily fun - this lottery takes place twice a day!

Better things are approaching. There’s a new and exciting addition to the Jackpot.com exclusive-lottery family, and that’s PICK 3. This lottery is unique as it allows players to choose their preferred play type along with the bet amount.

Prizes can go up to €500 and to add, it’s got some fantastic odds of winning ranging between 1:100 until 1:1000 - therefore, a win could be around the corner. This lottery allows players to bet on draws which occur twice a day at 12.00 GMT (14.00 CET) and 17.00 GMT (19.00 CET), seven days a week.

To play PICK 3, all you have to do is:

1.     Pick out 3 numbers from 0-9, or go for the Quick Pick option to have your numbers picked out in a random order.

2.     Choose your preferred play type: Straight, Box, Straight/Box, Front Pair, Back Pair, or Combo.

3.     Decide on the amount you want to play: €0.50c or €6.00.

4.     Finalize your transaction, and wait for the draw time to check if you’re a winner.

With each PICK 3 play type, you will be playing for a variety of potential winning outcomes. For instance, with a Straight play type, you will have to match all the same three numbers in the same order they are drawn, therefore, they are fixed. With a Box play type, you can match the numbers in the draw in any given order and win according to your bet-spendings. On the other hand, with a Straight/Box play type, you can, for example, bet €1.00 and it will be split in half - €0.50 for straight and €0.50 for box. Therefore, you’ll have played on the numbers matching either in the exact order or jumbled up.

In a Front Pair play type, you would need to match the first 2 digits, so let’s say you choose a three-digit number, for example, 123 and the winning number is 124. This way you would’ve won because the front 2 digits you particularly chose are the same as the winning ones. Meanwhile, with a Back Pair play type, you would need to match the last 2 digits, so if your chosen numbers are 234 and the winning numbers are 134; you would’ve won because the 2 digits in the end are the same as the winning ones.

Lastly, with the Combo play type, you can place a bet ranging between €1.50 - €6.00 depending on the numbers you choose. If you choose the numbers 123, you will have the chance to win with different straight combinations, meaning, with the first two straight numbers and with also the last two straight numbers. This will also include winning with a straight 3-digit number. For more information on how to place your PICK 3 bets, click here

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