Romeo and Juliet: Casino lovers in Meridianbet

Enjoy the eternal love with this amazing online slot game

Meridianbet has a long list of adventurous games. Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss is one of the best games in this category. Based on the movie with the same title, it depicts the adventures of the title characters in fair Verona. This is one of the top games at Meridianbet. We have seen players adding it to their favorite games all the time.

Developed by Greentube, it was made to a feature a bigger game area with at least a few more reels than the average slot machine game. Here are a few more details about this modern take on the classic Shakespearean love story.

Special Features

  • Game Developer: Greentube
  • Reels:5x4
  • Total Lines: 30
  • Volatility: Medium
  • RTP Percentage: 95.20%
  • Minimum to Maximum Bets: 0.01 to $3
  • Starting Deposit: $0.30 to $90.00
  • Stakes: 375


Free Spins

Within the game, players will have the chance to trigger bonus spins via special symbols and combinations. Here are three of those combinations as follows:

  • Wild Hearts: The symbols land during the spin. They will help the players make viable combinations to win.
  • Colossal Wild Hearts:These come in three potential sizes. (4x4, 3x3 and 2x3)
  • Free Spins Hearts: it gives the player a chance to get bonus spins.

Available Symbols

Once you play the game, you will have the answers to tons of characters and symbols that can help you win the prizes as soon as possible. The two major characters in the story play an important role in the game as well. Here are additional symbols that you can expect within the game.

  • Doves
  • Bottles of Wine
  • Masks
  • Card Suits: The four face cards and numbers 1 to 10.

Major Themes and Designs

If you are fond of solid animation and graphics within casino slot games, Romeo and Juliet will be the best one for you. It boasts a variety of colors and easy navigation. You will not have a hard time getting the symbols to appear as soon as possible for you to win.

You will also be able to easily play the game over and over to increase your chances of winning the bonuses. All you have to do is deposit at least 30¢ to get things started. Everything else will follow after that. You will not only enjoy the adventure but also get to have as many chances to win lots of cash prices as possible.


Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss is surely something that can capture the Meridianbet online casino customer’s heart with ease. It is available in all casino websites both on browsers and on mobile. Players will not have a hard time accessing the game because they will also be able to easily download it on their phones and take it with them wherever they want to go.

It is also available in both local and international casino websites as well. Please don’t hesitate to consult Meridianbet online casino to know more about the live slot game and what it has to offer. You will not regret your decision right away.


This game is truly enjoyable mainly because of its superb graphics and reaction time. Players won have a hard time understanding the mechanics of the game along with the symbols. They don’t even have to watch the movie to enjoy it. If you are fond of slot games, this is the one for you.

Additionally, this game will provide you with a chance to learn more about the Shakespearean tale in a fun and imaginative way. All you have to do is hit to the Meridianbet website find the game and start playing it. You can also download the mobile app as well.

Good Luck and Enjoy your Game!

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