€15,000,000: Jackpot.com is hosting its own Valentine's lottery tonight

Our hearts are singing this Valentine’s Day! Even more so, as just a few days ago, Jackpot.com launched their very own Valentine’s Lottery with a jackpot worth €15,000,000

Valentine’s Day, as we all know it, is the day of love; however, Jackpot.com is making it theirs with their very special Valentine’s Day Lottery. This one-time-only lottery will happen this evening at 8 PM, and will boast an attractive jackpot of €15 Million.

Will you be giving it your best shot? Betting on the Valentine’s Lottery will only cost you a mere price of just €1.50 per line! Click here to place your bets before the clock strikes 8 o’clock tonight.

Don’t know how to bet on Valentine’s Lottery? Here’s a little guide we think you should follow to successfully do that:

1.     Log into your Jackpot.com account. If you don’t already have one, you can sign up which takes just a few short minutes to complete.

2.     Visit the Valentine’s Lottery to place your bets.

3.     Select 6 main numbers out of 50 and 1 Joker Ball from 1-5.

4.     Not exactly sure which numbers are catching your eye? The ‘Quick-Pick’ button is there to help you, by generating random numbers just for you.

5.     Input as many entries as you wish.

6.     When you’re done, you can finalize your transaction by clicking on the ‘Add-to-Cart’ button.

Since the Valentine’s Lottery will only happen once tonight, you won’t be able to subscribe to it like the rest of Jackpot.com’s lotteries. If you do wish to subscribe to a lottery, click here for Jackpot.com’s full list of available lotteries.

This lottery has four different prize tiers in which players can scoop a win. The first prize tier, of course, consists of the exquisite €15 Million jackpot and this can be won by matching perfectly with the 6 main numbers as well as the Joker Ball. The second prize tier can be won by matching with 5 of the main numbers and the Joker Ball - with a prize worth €10,000. The third prize tier includes a prize of €100 and can be won by matching 4 of the main numbers as well as the Joker Ball. Lastly, the fourth prize tier can be snatched by matching exactly with 3 of the main numbers, which will award you €5. Click here to find out more information.

Be sure to check out Jackpot.com’s Valentine’s Lottery if you still haven’t, for a chance to win the charming €15 Million jackpot. Who knows, the day of love could become even more memorable with such a potential win! Place your bets here, if you haven’t yet already.

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