The Gozo Teleworking Scheme: explained

The Gozo Teleworking Scheme is a demand driven scheme, aimed at supporting and incentivising job creation in Gozo. What’s it all about?

The Gozo Teleworking Scheme is a demand driven scheme, aimed at supporting and incentivising job creation in Gozo. What’s it all about?

Like with most things in life, there was a dire need for improvement in terms of the work-life balance for Gozitan employees, working in companies based on mainland Malta.

Announced as a Budget 2021 measure, the Gozo Teleworking Scheme is a breath of fresh air for many, as it not only offers employees the opportunity to carry out their responsibilities from home, but it also offers their employers attractive grants and benefits.

The salary refund

The scheme is two-fold. Firstly, the aid is to be granted to employers in the form of a financial grant of a maximum of €10,000, which is spread over a three-year period.

It’s important to note that the impressive salary refund will be entirely based on the proportion of teleworking hours, which each Gozitan employee is granted by their employer. The first and second years of the grant entitle up to 30% each, to a maximum of €3,000 per year. The third year, however, entitles up to 40%, equivalent to a maximum of €4,000.

What’s more, the first payment will take place once the first year of teleworking has taken place.

By providing a detailed plan regarding the three years, for no more than 10 employees per year, employers and their Gozitan employees must agree on the days, as well as the location of work away from the office. Though the number of days need not necessarily be strictly adhered to, due to unforeseen circumstances that tend to rear their head in daily life, it is crucial that the difference does not exceed 20 days, per working year.

The grant will be reimbursed on the actual days granted, as opposed to the number of days stated in the plans. Therefore to be eligible, the minimum amount granted is for an average of two days per week and a maximum of four.

The technological and capital investment reimbursement

That’s not it, however! The scheme also offers partial financial reimbursement, related to the technological and capital investment made. In essence, this aid refers to a Notebook Computer or PC, as well as a printer, which includes scanning facilities.

The one-time payment, which will undoubtedly help many an employer as well as employee, entails 75% reimbursement, with a generous maximum of up to an €850 reimbursement ceiling.

What constitutes teleworking?

Essentially, in addition to particular terms and conditions, the scheme states that teleworking will only considered to be such, if employees are performing tasks as stated in their job description at home, which are usually performed within the offices controlled by the employer. 

The Gozo Teleworking Scheme is an all-rounder. It offers Gozo resident employees the facility to work from home, providing them with the opportunity to balance their personal and work lives more effectively, while maintaining the same level of performance, throughout the business enterprise. It also allows for more flexibility. By means of this scheme, employees are encouraged and motivated to utilise the travel time they are saving, by being increasingly productive and going the extra mile.

Furthermore, the scheme enables employers to provide their employees with all the necessary tools required, in order for them to not only fulfill their duties, but also exceed expectations.

The overall responsibility for the monitoring, management and implementation of the scheme is with the Ministry of Gozo.


Complete applications must be submitted by end of November 2023 and recruitment must occur by the same date. Terms and conditions apply.

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