Six airports where gambling is legal

Here is a list of six airports, which have made gambling possible for visitors

Long waits at the airport can get really frustrating due to the unbearable flight delays. Some airports have made gambling legal and possible for the passengers to experience the fun and interesting dimension that casinos offer. Punters who are stuck at the airport now have an option to gamble right before their flights, with the advantages being of winning real money even while waiting for a flight, which is something rather lucrative and it being a tax-free option, whereby winners would keep their winnings to themselves.

Here is a list of six airports, which have made gambling possible:

McCarran International Airport, Nevada, United States

The first airport on the list is McCarran International Airport and is located in Las Vegas, which is one of the most attractive gambling destinations in the world. The Nevada Gaming Control Board has given permission for slots to be made available for playing at the airport. 

McCarran International Airport has over 1,300 slot machines for the passengers and anybody above 21 can access these machines. In 2017, a woman tested her luck by investing $5 for a bet on one such slot machine at the airport. She won a $1.6 million jackpot which had made the airport even more famous ever since then. 

Heathrow Airport, London, United Kingdom

Heathrow airport is the largest in the whole of the UK and though it doesn’t offer a full-fledged casino, it does have many slot machines and cabinets over the waiting halls and flight zones working round the clock. The UK also offers a service where a punter can request a dealer to come to them and fulfill their gambling needs and requirements. The croupier can also travel to the airport hotels, out of convenience. Land-based and online gambling are both legal across the country as it portrays a friendly approach and winnings are not subject to any tax laws either. 

The travellers have access to the slot machines at the airport without any taxations. Mobile casinos are also operated in the UK  and can be accessed via gambling reviewers and many other portals. They offer services for the convenience of a traveller.

Reno-TahoeInternational Airport, Nevada, United States

Reno-Tahoe is one major stop for all passengers who have a keen interest in gambling. The casino at the airport is about 4,100 square feet and offers more than 230 slot machines, offering titles like Wheel of Fortune, Elvis, and many more games to play. The slots are by the IGT and offer an amazing range of games and slots for the passengers waiting to board their flights. 

Pittsburgh Airport, Pennsylvania, United States

Pittsburgh Airport has newly changed its regulations governing gambling and the punters can now enjoy casino games at the airport bars, as well as shops. There are no land-based casinos at the airport but we can expect an expansion to happen soon. Till then, the passengers can gamble using online platforms anywhere at the airport.

Elko Airport, Nevada, United States

This airport has the Ramada Hotel & Casino but the venue is actually not located in the airport. Shuttle rides are available for it as it is just a while away. The casino offers various slot games to keep the punters entertained for long hours. There is also another casino near the airport a mile away, known as the Stockmen’s Casino.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

This particular airport is a major transfer point for connecting flight arrivals and departures and connects to a wide range of destinations. The Holland Casino is located within the airport and the passengers may have a gala time during a layover or flight transfer. Games at the casino include roulette, poker, Punto Banco, bingo. This airport has a lot of passenger rush and thus entertains punters from across the globe.

The expansion of casinos in all aspects has increased the player base exponentially. Waiting at airports for vacations or business trips can tend to get boring after a while and this is where casinos come into play. Winning some extra cash can never go wrong. However, one has to be careful about the time spent at a casino as a single spin takes no time to turn into hours of gameplay which may result in missing the flight. 

Casinos at airports are just a way of entertaining the passengers and promote healthy and responsible gambling in all forms. These are only meant for recreational purposes and do not encourage obsessive gambling or missing flights at any cost.