Gozo Channel Operations invests in upgrading its service quality

The Gozo Channel Operations Ltd (GCOL) implements a new e-ticketing system 

Photo credit: CVC Media
Photo credit: CVC Media

In 2018, Gozo Channel Operations Ltd (GCOL), embarked on a journey to improve the quality of its services for all of its patrons, a decision in accomplishing this was the leasing of a fourth vessel.

The investment of leasing a fourth vessel has reduced the waiting time significantly for the commuters who are using their vehicles. Quite an important investment for GCOL as since obtaining this vessel, waiting time has reduced significantly for  patrons crossing over with a vehicle, including those for business travel. The addition to the number of operating vessels has provided GCOL with a considerable amount of flexibility in successfully managing days where demand for travel to Gozo with a vehicle is exceptional.

Through the added availability of extra trips and over-and-above-scheduled services provided by the GCOL, the fourth vessel has been a terrific aid in successfully handling the high demand of commuters  wanting to utilise the service.

As part of its process for the improvement on service quality, on the 24th January 2023 GCOL introduced and electronic ticketing system which will be accessible for purchasing ferry tickets online for different customer groups and this will be split into different phases. This system will be accessible for purchasing ferry tickets online for different customer groups, at different phases. 

A two-phase approach was implemented during the planning of the replacement of the Gozo Channel’s current ticketing system with an e-ticketing system instead. The first phase was directed at replacing the current ticketing system (which had been introduced in 2000),  with a new modern information system (IS),the new system comes equipped with the latest industry standards, modularity, scalability and many other high-tech essentials. The newest IS, also known as ‘FerryCloud’, is a cloud-based system.,this type of system allows e-ticketing to be hosted in two data centrewhich safe guards  business continuity for both GCOL and its patrons. 

Photo credit: CVC Media
Photo credit: CVC Media

The first phase also introduces a module which is business-to-business (B2B) and is being introduced gradually. . 

During the first stages of the new electronic ticketing system, any e-Commerce purchase of e-tickets will either be through a debit or credit card mechanism. Changes to the ‘Frequent Travel Cards’ and ‘Daily Commuter Cards’ will also take place during this first phase. This alteration is in preparation for the launching of the second phase, which is known as the business – to-consumer (BC2) e-ticketing and will take place in the near future 

GCOL has already informed theholders of the Frequent Travel Cards and Daily Commuter Cards to switch over to the new cards 

Phase of GCOL’s new e-ticketing system  became operational from Tuesday 24th January 2023.GCOL has extensively been preparing for this transition, to ensure a smooth implementation of the new IS, ‘FerryCloud’ and its corresponding new e-ticketing system Gozo Channel will be assisting  and guideing  its commuters to ensure the success of the phase one implementation.   during this time of transition 

Phase  two of FerryCloud’s new e-ticketing service will include personalised smart cards, e-Wallets, m-tickets and a ‘tap and go’ initiative for all of itscommuters and these willbe introduced by the end of 2023. 

Queries or questions relating to the implementation of Phase one  of the new e-ticketing system can be addressed to [email protected] Information, including videos, FAQS, etc., can be found on this link: https://www.gozochannel.com/e-ticketing-system/. For the latest news on the e-ticketing system project, patrons should regularly visit GCOL’s website: https://www.gozochannel.com/.

GCOL thanks its commuters for the continued use of its services.