Kirkop Tunnels and Airport Intersection traffic re-routing: opening of new routes

Motorists take note: a new flyover and works on the Kirkop junction means traffic is being re-routed

Is the Kirkop tunnel and MIA intersection part of your daily commute? Take note: as of now, drivers exiting the Kirkop tunnels towards Luqa and Qormi will be able to use the first completed flyover in the long-awaited project.

But traffic outside the airport will be re-routed again, to enable Infrastructure Malta to work on different parts of the junction.

The new system will see:

-       traffic from Gudja to Ħal Far no longer passing through the newly constructed airport tunnel, but will instead be diverted through Triq il-Karwija.

-       Traffic coming from Hal-Far will now pass through the tunnel towards Luqa

IM now will begin construction on the last phase of the project – the road connecting Kirkop Tunnels to Luqa. “If all goes according to plan, the whole project will be finished by April,” Infrastructure Malta’s CEO Ivan.

Since the project is not yet completed and the area is still under construction, motorists should not drive faster than 30 km/h when passing through the junction.

The project will transform the Gudja roundabout
The project will transform the Gudja roundabout