Aiming for acleaner and better maintained Malta

Statistical analysis and results for 2023 show that Malta is embraced for another record year in the tourism sector

The Ministry for Tourism is performing exceptionally well on many fronts. Statistical analysis and results for 2023 show that Malta is embraced for another record year in the tourism sector – across all areas. Our sense of togetherness has so far proved to be the key for our own success and all indications point towards extraordinary records that should surpass the base year preceding the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019.

Although we are still weeks ahead of the end of year, the most recent NSO statistics, released on 4 October 2023, confirm that the total inbound tourists for August 2023 reached 371,511 while the total spend for the corresponding period stands at approximately €393.5 million.  These figures mean an increase of 18.3% when compared to the same month last year. When adding these numbers to the previous positive results of the monthly data of 2023, NSO statistics shows that the number of inbound tourists till August 2023 amounted to 1,986,260 while the total spend has yielded €1.8 billion. All indications point towards new highs and positive results.

These results portray a Public Service that is delivering, while acknowledging that results are not happening in a vacuum. The Ministry is focused on improving our self-performance to achieve even more – even though we are facing new challenges owing to our own success.  We are committed to deliver better results for the good of the tourism sector as the Ministry which is politically responsible for maintenance, cleanliness and upkeep of touristic zones amongst other areas. Collectively with the various entities that fall within the Ministry for Tourism remit, we strive to improve our tourism product and enhance hospitality of the Maltese Islands.

Malta Tourism Strategy 2021 – 2030

Our long-term tourism strategy 2030 highlights the need to keep on investing in Malta’s tourism product and tourist exclusive experience. The strategy specifically holds that “general upkeep and maintenance need to be proactive rather than reactive [while] standards in the levels of cleanliness, upkeep and maintenance need to be benchmarked at the highest level. An improved general appearance strongly strengthens tourists’ positive evaluation of their holiday in Malta. This principle goes beyond the direct remit of Tourism and needs to be embraced by all other entities outside the direct tourism universe”.

The Public Service aim to work for a cleaner and better maintained Malta is unequivocally undisputed.

Clean-up and maintenance exercise across the island

The Government of Malta, through the Ministry for Tourism, has recently embarked on a yearly nation-wide exercise that will stretch over nine months to give Malta a general maintenance and clean-up uplift.  A nation-wide schedule has been strategically designed to reach each and every street in Malta, especially residential zones which by default are not as much frequently maintained as arterial and distributary roads. Malta, for the purpose of this exercise has been divided into four (4) main areas and further sub-divided into twenty zones; namely 5 within the north area, 7 within the central area, 4 within the port area, and 4 within the southern area.

The collective effort will at least involve seven entities and/or Government departments falling under four different Ministries. Allow me to acknowledge the sterling coordination and input already shown by Enemalta and the Water Services Corporation from the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Transport Malta and Infrastructure Malta from the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, the Public Works Department from the Ministry for Public Works and Planning and the Tourism Zones Regeneration Agency and the Cleansing and Maintenance Department from the Ministry for Tourism.

Our maintenance and cleaning initiatives will include, although not only limited to, the increase of manual and/or mechanical street sweeping, removal of wild vegetation, removal and clearing of illegal dumping, plastering & painting of central strips, traffic islands and pedestrian railings, repair and replacement of faulty street lighting, repair of minor faulty water leakages, removal of old rusty signage, refreshing of road markings, installation of new signage, washing of pedestrian zones by high pressure equipment and minor asphalt repairs where necessary. The list of initiatives may increase depending on the area and national priorities from time to time.

The Government of Malta will be investing more than €1.2million in 2023 and €3.5million in 2024 to achieve our targets. This will include new equipment for our entities and their employees with the addition of tipper vans, wheel shovels, trucks, and street furniture.

Public involvement

As a Public Service, we strongly believe in educating people, to prevent unwarranted behaviour rather than addressing issues.

The aim to improve Malta’s tourism product and tourist exclusive experience should be shared amongst us all, as one nation.

The clean-up and maintenance exercise will continuously educate and guide our communities while involving the general public through various initiatives spanning over nine months – we aim to get people involved.

The Ministry for Tourism will involve our young generations through our state, church, and private schools in targeted clean up campaigns within the various communities in close collaboration with the Ministry for Education.

Local Councils will similarly be consulted to involve NGOs as much as possible, community associations and other organisations to participate in this nation-wide exercise.

The much-needed clean-up and maintenance exercise for 2023 - 2024 is set to be formally launched next Friday 20th October by the Hon. Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo in a press conference that will involve at least 100 students from across Malta and seven participating Government entities/departments. During the press launch, the official logo, mascot, and slogans will be unveiled.


Objective number 13 of the Malta Tourism Strategy 2021 – 2030 advocates the need for such a nation-wide exercise; “the successful execution of this Strategy and its multiple goals is heavily dependent on the continuous roll-out of a planned set of product interventions addressing the various components of the tourist experience.

They include new developments, product upgrades, maintenance and upkeep, conservation, direct products, and general infrastructure”.

We are committed to deliver, we are committed to improve Malta’s tourism product, we are committed to improve the general environment of our beloved Island to sustain economic growth in a sustainable manner.

Join us in this journey, for a cleaner and better maintained Malta!

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