Community services for older persons

Achieving the optimal well-being and quality of life of older persons is the raison d'etre of Active Ageing and Community Care (AACC)

By Christine Schembri, Permanent Secretary within the Ministry for Health and Active Ageing 


Active Ageing and Community Care (AACC) is an entity which thrives towards achieving the optimal well-being and quality of life of older persons.  It aims to maintain the autonomy and independence of older generations through the provision of various services, both clinical and non-clinical, to encourage older persons to continue enjoying life to their maximum potential, in the comfort of their own homes and thus within the community.  

Through the Helper of Your Choice scheme, within the Home Help Service, the government provides financial support to older persons who employ a helper of their choice to assist them in their daily chores. On the other hand, to assist older persons in conducting their daily errands outside their homes, AACC provides the Silver T Service. This transport service operates on a national level and is free of charge. 

From the clinical point of view, the Community GP Service aims to provide a holistic approach to the management of chronic disease to elderly clients who are homebound due to physical or mental health problems. Moreover, through the Case Manager service, client-centred care services are provided in a timely manner, in a safe, effective, and efficient manner to clients with complex needs.    

AACC also assists the informal carers of older persons, who are either bed-bound or have transferring difficulties, by offering financial support for the leasing of motorised variable-height beds. Moreover, through Psychotherapy Services, widowed elderly persons are provided with moral and psychological support to help them cope with the new reality.     

In Gozo, AACC offers a variety of services from the multidisciplinary clinic at Dar Padova, Għajnsielem, Gozo. Services offered help Gozitan older persons and their families to have a better quality of life at the heart of their community.  

For further information on all services offered by the AACC one can either contact Ċentru Servizz Anzjan on 22788900 or visit the office at 3, Old Mint Street, Valletta or visit the website on In Gozo, one can contact Ċentru Servizz Anzjan on 22788238 or visit the office at 39, Republic Street, Victoria Gozo. Information can also be obtained through the freephone 153.  

St Vincent de Paul Long Term Care Facility Services

During the past few years, St Vincent de Paul witnessed over 100-million-euro worth of infrastructural projects and initiatives which saw a drastic improvement in the existing services and the introduction of new ones, the engagement of more professionals from different health sectors, the creation of new concepts and technologies and an increase in the number of organised activities. 

We have ended the year 2023 with the completion of several projects, such as the inauguration of a new sports centre, the new dementia friendly garden, the refurbishment of St Joseph Ward, the realisation of more ERDF projects, aiming for more energy efficient initiatives, new offices and stores, the launching of the therapeutic farm, investment in motorised beds and the extension of more clinics at the Geriatric Day Hospital. 

Through its multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, in collaboration with Mater Dei specialists, the Day Hospital today offers fully equipped outpatient services, complete with new and state-of-the art clinics that operate under various specialties, including but not limited to ophthalmology, podiatry, IBD clinic, pain management clinic, dentistry, cardiology, vascular clinic, geriatrics clinic and the woman’s wellbeing clinic. We have also seen an increase in the number of patients who attend the physiotherapy department, including the hydrotherapy pool sessions. 

The various needs of the older members of the population, are in constant flux and in this regard, this year, we intend to keep the momentum and focus our efforts more firmly on the consolidation of the services we offer to be able to provide the best specialised healthcare to our residents, to senior citizens living in care homes and also to those who live in the community.