What’s the history behind MegaMillions – the jackpot that just reached €370,000,000?

With the MegaMillions jackpot having rolled over, reaching no less than €370,000,000, you’d best prepare yourself with all the facts

Mega Millions; the game we all know and love was not always called Mega Millions. Back in 1996, it was known as the ‘Big Game’. The first drawing took place in the US with just six participating states.

Excitement grew and just two years later, a Tuesday drawing was added too. Players were given a greater choice of numbers and BOOM, a ‘cash payout’ was offered by beginning 1999.

By 2002, the multi-state game was renamed Mega Millions and the game matrix, as well as the prize amounts were changed to offer players more nail-biting excitement.

The story of the MegaMillions goes on, making history in 2012 with the world’s largest prize in any jackpot game in the history of jackpot: not a penny less than $656,000,000, which amounts to €528,965,000. The record-breaking jackpot was split by three and was only beaten by a Powerball jackpot four years later, in 2016.

You would think that was it, right? Wrong. MegaMillions was the first to ever offer second-tier prizes of up to $5,000,000, when it relaunched with a new matrix in 2013. Guess how many Match 5 winners there were in the space of four years. 571. Let that sink in for a second. This number included 65 that were worth more than a million dollars.

Finally, Mega Millions introduced a new matrix once again, in 2017. Since then, not only do jackpots roll faster, they also roll higher and with a change in the prize structure, players have a much better chance of winning the second-tier prizes than ever before.


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