Revolut has a new 'Buddy'

'Reliable. Cost-Effective. Efficient.' said David Seisun, Director of Sixteen Ltd and CEO of Buddy Limited, to describe Buddy during its launch

Left to Right: Dimitris Litsikakis - Country Manager (Cyprus,Greece,Malta) Revolut, David Seisun - CEO Buddy, Philip Maurice Mifsud - Country Ambassador (Malta) Revolut
Left to Right: Dimitris Litsikakis - Country Manager (Cyprus,Greece,Malta) Revolut, David Seisun - CEO Buddy, Philip Maurice Mifsud - Country Ambassador (Malta) Revolut

The innovative software Buddy was created with one principal aim in mind: that of renovating the old-tedious payroll system and updating it to be a simple routine task, which can be executed within minutes.

The primary tasks Buddy could and should be used for are payroll and people management.

Ideal not only for start-up companies but also larger enterprises, Buddy will facilitate leave management, bulk salary adjustments and serve as an employee portal, where every individual can access their relevant company information, starting from monthly payslips to accumulative attendance reports.

Another innovative element about Buddy is Revolut, the digital banking alternative that puts you back in control of your money with instant payment notifications and built-in budgeting.

The easy payment system has been quite a revelation for the Maltese nation, both on an individual as well as on a business level.

Hence, it was only natural that Revolut found itself integrated with the newest way for businesses to handle their payroll and accounts.

This integration makes Buddy the first payroll software to connect to Revolut on a national and international level.

With Buddy being the first payroll software available internationally that integrates well with Revolut, business flow is optimised and payroll transactions become faster, easier and improve overall efficiency. The benefits of using Revolut for Business together with Buddy also reduces processing and transactional costs and allows for commission-free multi-currency payments.

In the words of the Director of Sixteen Ltd and CEO of Buddy Limited, it's: "reliable. Cost-Effective. Efficient."

With this simple payroll flow, business owners may now include all employee details, link their Revolut accounts and send out their payments, instantly eliminating any bank delays, and several questions asked by employees about when their payment will be issued.

So there is no doubt about it. Buddy is the way forward for you and your employees! Click here to learn more about Buddy. The first payroll is FREE.

First Revolut Card for free for all Employees on Buddy

Get your Employees on board with Buddy and give them a free Revolut card this Christmas.

The Christmas holiday season is easily one of the busiest times of the year, with millions of people looking to travel abroad for some much-needed winter sun, or to reunite with family, friends and loved ones.

Whatever the reason, be sure to say no to crippling fees and use a radically better app that gives you full control over your finances. To sweeten the deal, Revolut has extended their free card campaign to all Buddy employees, so that they can order their first Revolut card free of charge.


About Revolut

Revolut launched in July 2015 with a punchy mission: to turn the financial banking sector on its head. With Revolut, users can set up an app-based current account in 60 seconds, spend abroad in over 150 currencies with no fees, hold and exchange 24 currencies in-app and send free domestic and international money transfers with the real exchange rate.

Since July 2015, London-based Revolut has signed up over 3,200,000 customers across Europe, processed more than 200,000,000 transactions and has a total transaction volume of over $25 billion to date. Revolut has raised a total of $336m from some of the most notable investors including DST Global, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital and Ribbit Capital.

For Revolut for Business inquiries, please contact Philip Maurice Mifsud