More than just fuel

Financial aid with a business management approach that reflects on Enemed’s overall business statement, 'we help you reach new destinations'

In a recent interview with Enemed’s Executive Chairman, Kevin Chircop, quite a lot was said on Enemed’s sponsoring initiatives, initiatives that we learned not only focus on financial aid, but a genuine interest in helping the local motorsport industry reach its full potential through business consultations. Enemed’s major sponsorship focus is motorsport, and from Powerboating to Drifting to Hillclimbing, it is the concept backed with professionalism that attracts Chircop’s attention.

Maltese athletes have great talent and potential, and are making huge waves across the world, however, when you look at sport competitions in Malta, motorsports lacks the attention it deserves and as a result falls short in funding, and whilst there is a passion for this sport sometimes it lacks professional contribution. This is the reason why Enemed invests heavily in this specialised sport, and provides the building blocks to help these competitions move forward by;

  1. Giving funds for the long term,
  2. Not seeing these sponsorships as simple brand exposure, and
  3. Helps build discipline to this sport by raising awareness.


VOOMQUEST is a clear example of Enemed’s sponsorship strategy, a three-year strategy that achieved great success in the first year and attracted the attention and recognition of the UIM, Union Internationale Motonautique, the international governing body of powerboating championship. Combine this with five-time world champion, Aaron Ciantar’s extreme knowledge, professional hands-on approach and commitment, and you have the formula for a bright future.

The VOOMQUEST championship also allowed Enemed to focus on bringing a high standard in fuel; fuel that provides high performance for powerboats, which are designed, built and manufactured all locally. This continues to motivate Enemed in pushing all that is local, but also adapting the base fuel received with a special Maltese formula to increase the power needed for these Maltese powerboats, whilst keeping the best quality fuel with the least additives.

The same concept of providing the best power fuel, including a decrease of 20% in emissions and great quality fuel for the engine, is reflected on the sponsorship with drifting champion Andrea Fabri and offering the best quality fuel for his car, however, with any sponsorship Enemed provides, there are requirements that need be held from any organisation receiving a helping hand.

Amongst specific requirements with every beneficiary, in the case of Andrea Fabri one statement stated that in his last competition, he couldn’t come less than a second in winning. If we look at the sponsorship with Malta Dragracing Association that also includes a 5-year business plan, one of the statements states that part of the tracks have to be upgraded within a specified timeframe. Not meeting these requirements will result in Enemed pulling away from the sponsorship, as keeping high standards is another key factor that Enemed strives for and is pushing for a culture that ‘’not everything’’ goes.

High standards are not only reflected on beneficiaries but is something that Enemed is proud of and upkeep on a regular basis. This belief is what differentiates Enemed from any other fuel company and guarantees the best product for various vehicles, and this quality assurance is done in various ways;


Enemed’s chemist is sent abroad to check the quality of the fuel prior to be sent to Malta, during transit, in the fuel tanks in Malta, in the trucks that escort it to the fuel stations and finally random checks are done across all fuel stations by Enemed’s Inspection Team. This ensures that the quality is kept throughout, and the customer is getting the best product.

Full Audit

Whilst all fuel distributed is audited regularly, franchised fuel stations are audited twice a year on other factors; the upkeep of the station, employee training, product knowledge and much, much more.

Product Improvement

Checking the quality of fuel is a constant must, however, the Research and Development department also find ways to improve existing products and find new ones that are needed for the market. Looking at last February, Enemed launched its new ePower Diesel and is currently developing a new product to be launched in 2020.

Quality assurance ensures that Enemed practices what they preach when it comes to professional standards and upkeep, and expects the same level of commitment and professionalism from sponsorship beneficiaries.


About Enemed

Enemed Company Ltd was established on 1st September 2014 and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the state owned Petromal Company Ltd. The company is responsible for the importation, distribution and wholesale of petroleum products for the inland market including the aviation sector. It also offers its storage facilities to third parties. Enemed is a major player on the Maltese market.

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