'Rumble in the Med' a success

Demis Tonna’s Prize Boxing Promotion was organised on Friday 24th May 2013 at the Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba, Malta for what was stated as “Rumble in the Med”.

Boxing fans were treated to a night of top level boxing. Photo by Joseph Lungaro
Boxing fans were treated to a night of top level boxing. Photo by Joseph Lungaro

The event was supported by Officials under the sanction of Malta's Boxing Commission, MBC, as the affiliated organization from WBC, WBA, WBF and WBU.

10 Semi Pro bouts where on as undercards to Malta's 5th Professional fight which saw the last minute replacement Sabri Ulas Gökmen face Super Steve Martin for six round of two minutes.

Torsten Knille, President at World Boxing Union, was present to see the launch of Malta's WBU National Semi Pro Project. He was definitely not alone there. Over 800 spectators became a very well organized boxing evening to be enjoyed by all in attendance and were from the very first sound of the bell ringside officials could hear that the audience were ready to go also.

Officer in Charge: Mr. Charlie Cardona - Medical Officer: Dr Mark Xuereb - Medical Liaison Officer: Ms Tea Cekic - Referees: Mr. Kristian Mintoff & Mr. Marc James - Judges: OIC Charlie Cardona, Mr. Amabli Camilleri & Mr. Stephen Farrugia. Master of Ceremonies - Heinrich Camilleri - Timekeeper: Mr Martin Fenech (1982 Mediterranean Games Amateur Boxer)

Fight One

This contest was a female Flyweight to be contested over three two minute rounds between The Art of fighting, Brenda Micallef in the red corner and Sarah Grima in the blue. The Referee stopped the contest at 1 minute fifty-four seconds of the first round due to a cut on the forehead.

Fight Two

The first controversial decision by the officials in their run of 30 odd matches officiated, as contest number two saw Nico Sciberras lose to Warren Pulis on the night's only split decision in a Light Welterweight four by two minute rounds.

Fight Three

Fight Factory's Juxhin Brigajaj Vs IPA's Terry Hadaway was the other light welterweight four by two minute rounds contest which saw Juxhin hand be lifted in a unanimous judge's point's decision. Juxhin worked behind the jab and surprised Terry with an outstand flourish of body head combinations.

Fight Four

Clayton Mallia V Joseph Vella was a battle to say the least. Clayton stayed calm in the first few minutes of the fight while the much stronger well-built physic of Josef tired out that the end of the second and Joseph became a moving target. Referee Marc James cautioned and in the final round deducted one point for back hand slapping. Clayton Mallia declared winner by a unanimous point's decision.  

Fight Five

The first of tree Knock Outs of the evening was awarded to Team Super's Manuel Degiorgio V Warren Azzopardi. Both fighter settle well and following a jab right hook in the 24th second of the third round Warren failed to meet the count of 10.   

Fight Six

Garth the Problem Galea V Marcus Ridley failed to live up to all the hype promoted. It seemed that local fighter Garth could not settle within the first and second round as the taller Marcus boxed the Problem off with his straights. Marcus had that Price Naseem awkward style. Garth's second fight of his career and it was evident that he struggled to find the experience needed as a shorter close fighter, bobbing and weaving under a 76inches worth of reach. IPA Boxer Marcus Ridley won on a unanimous point's decision.  

Fight Seven

Daniel Micallef V Ollie Lawrence saw IPA boxer start too late as he boxed the local boy with plenty of amateur experience. Daniel the Amateur Federation 2009/10 Middleweight Champion won on points, a contest over four by 2 minute rounds. Lawrence who is Ex British Forces having served his time in the Royal Air force show his Combined Forces Association (ABAE) experience when put under a flurry of punches, quickly turns and escapes for the constant off balanced Micallef. Again a Unanimous point's decision

Fight Eight

Richard the Viper Vella Vs Ashley Friend. Another stunning performance from another fight factory trooper Richard who Stoped is guy as early as one minute nineteen seconds of the first fight.

This was Richards second fight of the year and looks forward to many other opportunities in the very near future.

Fight Nine

Mark the Machine Cutajar narrowly missed his change to beat Darren Borg who with this win gains 3 points in the MBC National Semi Pro Rankings in accordance to the WBU Semi Pro Project. Derren who is a Ying Yang Team Noel member, showed heart as the much greater stamina than Cutajar, which lead to a Unanimous points Decision.    

Fight Ten

Mike the Hurricane Carter V Tony Louis was the second of the Heavyweights matched up at the Oracle Arena. This contest saw the 100kg+ Cater fend off the constant left hand jab by IPA's Tony who had to deal with Carter's bull charging him onto the ropes and landing great body shot, Tony acknowledges with a smile. These boys showed the true meaning of the word "being a sportive opponent".  

Fight Eleven

Malta's Fifth Sanctioned Professional Fight. Martin started hard and fast in the first round, as promised by the team.  The twenty five year old oozed confidence as he picked off his far more experienced opponent with solid jabs and heavy rights. By the end of the first round, Sabri was looking drained, what could you expect really, young Martin had kept the pressure up and within the Second Round Martin had stopped the German. Martin is awarded the contest with an outstanding performance ending the fight in the first minute nineteen seconds of the second round. Referee for this Match was Malta's Boxing Commission Mr. Charlie Cardona.



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