[WATCH] MFA president denies Joseph Muscat’s involvement in Maltese Serie C football side

A member of parliament cannot occupy a role within the football association, the association's president Bjorn Vassallo says

Prime Minister Robert Abela meets with Malta Football Association President Bjorn Vassallo
Prime Minister Robert Abela meets with Malta Football Association President Bjorn Vassallo

Malta Football Association President Bjorn Vassallo has denied rumors that former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat will be taking a role within the Maltese Serie C side.

“In our statute, it is written that no one can occupy a role within the association’s jurisdiction if one is an MP and the former PM is still a member of parliament,” Vassallo said.

Muscat was touted to take a role within the team representing Malta in the third division of Italian league football. 

When asked about Muscat’s involvement, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that the government does not get involved in decisions by the MFA.

Abela was also asked what role the government will be playing in the new team but said that no decisions have been taken yet. 

Prime Minister Robert Abela also met with the Malta Football Association administration for the first time since his election.

Abela, whose father, former president George Abela, used to head the football association, said that sport plays an important role in shaping the community and its values.

Abela said that he looks forward to working with the MFA, and feels that the government shares the values of fair play,  integrity and honesty with the association.

MFA President Bjorn Vassalo said that he feels that football can be the ideal “vehicle” to deliver national pride and unity.

“We believe in football of all classes of society, and we have a vision of improving all levels of football,” he said. He also expressed his content with having a PM who comes from a football background.

The PM insisted on promoting all types of sports, highlighting the role it plays in shaping the “leaders of tomorrow”.

“Despite some sports not being as popular as football in our country, their successes shouldn’t be underestimated,” Abela said.