Fans could soon be allowed into local football matches

MFA proposes the admittance of fans into stadiums on the basis of club loyalty

A limited number of fans could be allowed in the stadiums if proposals are accepted by health authorities.

Under current protocol, a maximum of 200 people are allowed to enter the stadium in the case of non-televised matches, and 220 in the event of a televised match.

The figures include players, technical staff, club officials, match officials, stadium personnel, media and police.

Malta Football Association President Bjorn Vassallo said that as of mid-October, the association will be proposing the allowance of another pool of people to enter the stadium. The pool would include individuals related to the game such as coaches and club officials.

The third step will be that of admitting fans on the basis of club loyalty.

The admittance of fans would be on a percentage basis depending on the match’s venue.

Due to sanitisation of the stadium, there will be a gap of over two hours between matches.

Senior league matches will kick-off at 3:00 pm and 7:15 pm in mid-October, and 2:00 pm and 6:15 pm as from November.

Vassallo also said that thanks to the approval of the MFA’s Return to Play protocol by heath authorities, in cases of medium to low risk infections, only a limited number of players would be quarantined, as opposed to a blanket approach where all players are quarantined.

Speaking about the live streaming of Premier League matches, the MFA President said that despite only three matches broadcast live on TSN and TVM2, 25,000 tuned in, with Vassallo pointing out the local following of football in the country.