Hermoso files legal complaint against Luis Rubiales over controversial kiss

Spanish player Jenni Hermoso files legal complaint over controversial kiss by Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales

Video of the controversial kiss was shared widely and led to outrage in Spain and abroad.
Video of the controversial kiss was shared widely and led to outrage in Spain and abroad.

Spanish player Jenni Hermoso filed a legal complaint over the controversial kiss by Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales kissed Hermoso on the lips, following Spain's World Cup victory prompting, which the player says was not consensual.

FIFA, the international football governing body, took the step to suspend him.

The complaint means the 46-year-old could face criminal charges.

On August 29, Spanish prosecutors initiated a preliminary investigation to determine if the incident could be classified as a sexual assault. 

Spain's highest criminal court cited the unequivocal nature of 33-year-old Hermoso's statements as the reason for launching this investigation, emphasizing the need to establish its legal implications.

"Jennifer Hermoso's public statements make it clear that the sexual act involving Luis Rubiales was not consensual," astatement issued by the court declared.

The statement also mentioned that legal experts would reach out to Hermoso to provide her with the option of pursuing legal action. 

She would have 15 days to contact National Court prosecutors for guidance regarding her rights as a potential victim of alleged sexual assault should she choose to file a complaint.

The statement further explained that for a case involving sexual assault, harassment, or sexual abuse to proceed, either the injured party or their legal representative must initiate legal proceedings or involve the public prosecutor's office.

Rubiales, who had previously drawn attention for his controversial celebratory gesture of grabbing his crotch following Spain's 1-0 win over England, has consistently refused to step down from his position.


Spain's World Cup-winning head coach, Jorge Vilda, who was considered a close ally of Rubiales, was dismissed on Tuesday morning, with Montse Tome appointed as his successor.