Hibernians defeat Valletta in Euro Cup

Hibernians registered their second win after they defeated Valletta 1-0 in the Euro Cup competition.

Valletta's Michael Mifsud came very close to scoring in the opening minutes of the match, but luck was not on his side.

Hibernians managed to take the lead on the 16th minute when Clayton Failla's shot was partially saved by Andre Krul and off the rebound Jean Paul Farrugia made no mistake to give Hibernians the lead.

Valletta were awarded a penalty on the 62nd minute when Andrew Cohen handled the ball inside the area. William Barbosa failed with his attempt from the penalty spot by shooting over the net.

On Tuesday June 26, at 18:30 Floriana will play against Birkirkara at the Centenary Stadium.

VALLETTA Andre Krul, Jonathan Caruana, Steve Borg (81' Kevin Sammut), Jhonnattann Benites da Conceicao, Ian Azzopardi (71' Dyson Falzon), Jussellio da Silva, Roderick Briffak, Ricardo da Rocha Filho, Denni Rocha dos Santos, William Barbosa (71' Edmond Agius), Michael Mifsud.
Subs not used: Yenz Cini, Cleavon Frendo, Dylan Grima, Ian Zammit.
Coach: Mark Miller
Asst. Coach: Gilbert Agius

HIBERNIANS Mario Muscat, Ryan Camilleri, Rodolfo Soares, Jason Vandelannoite, Adrian Pulis, Bjorn Kristensen, Andrew Cohen, Clayton Failla, Jean Paul Farrugia (63' Elié Moisés Akui Ndekre), Marcelo Dias (56' Steve Pisani), Triston Caruana (69' Jackson Di Lima Siqueira).
Subs not used: Daniel Balzan, Brandon Muscat, Johann Bezzina, Keith Tanti.
Coach: Michael Woods
Asst. Coach: Richard Mercieca
Referee: Clayton Pisani
Assistant Referees: Ingmar Spiteri, William Debattista
Fourth Official: Mario Apap
Yellow Cards: Dias, Failla, Briffa, Pisani, Agius
Scorers: 16' Jean Paul Farrugia


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