AC Milan in crisis: sells team bus

AC Milan sells team’s bus for €150,000

The AC Milan team bus that was sold for €150,000
The AC Milan team bus that was sold for €150,000

AC Milan have been going through a rough patch not only out on the field but also administratively as financial cracks have now become apparent. For €150,000, the Serie A team has now sold its team bus.

On the field, Milan have only collected one point from their last three matches in Serie A.

Coach Filippo Inzaghi is under a lot of pressure but his job looks to be safe as Milan still have former coach Clarence Seerdorf on their payroll till 2016, the same year Inzaghi’s expires.

The management surely would not like a third coach on their payroll.

Not participating in the UEFA Champions League also did not help the club financially.

According to reports from La Rebubblica, Milan have sold their team bus for €150,000, a decision taken to cut down on expenses.

While Milan have opted for the services of a private company to transport its players, it was ensured that the rented bus carries the team logo.

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