Sutton’s pie-eating goalie gets the sack

Wayne Shaw forced to resign from Sutton United in the wake of a betting probe into pie-eating incident 

Sutton United have sacked reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw, who became an overnight Internet sensation after he ate a pie during the Non-League club’s game against Arsenal.

Shaw admitted he knew that Sun Bets were offering 8-1 odds on him eating the pie, which prompted the Gambling Commission and the Football Association to launch a probe into the incident.

“Wayne Shaw has resigned from his role at Sutton United following the events of last evening and subsequent publicity,” Sutton said in a statement. “He has said that he ‘fully understands the club’s position regarding this matter’.

“We are naturally disappointed that Wayne’s time with us should end in this manner, and would like to thank him for this contribution to this club and wish him well for the future.”

Sutton manager Paul Doswell told Sky that he had asked Shaw – nicknamed the ‘Roly Poly Goalie’ because of his 20st weight – to resign and he had agreed.

“It’s obviously early days [in the investigation]…but it’s taken the gloss off the performance for my players. It’s very sad that the spotlight has been taken away from them.

“The reality is that what happened last night didn’t make us look particularly good. I think Wayne’s been swept along in the last few weeks and he’s just made a very genuine mistake.”

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