[WATCH] Will Italy make it to the World Cup?

With Italy facing the prospect of not making it to the World Cup, MaltaToday took to the streets to see what people thought of tonight's do-or-die match against Sweden

Italy's captain Gianluigi Buffon
Italy's captain Gianluigi Buffon
Italy face Sweden in a do-or-die match

Italy are set to face-off against Sweden tonight, in a match which the Italians will have to win by an advantage of at least two goals over their opponents if they are to qualify for the World Cup, due to be held next year in Russia.

If they fail to qualify, it would be the first time since 1958 that a World Cup would take place without Italy being a part of it.

We took to the streets to ask football fans what they thought of Italy’s chances, and while some were hopeful that the Italian team could make it through, others had their doubts.

The overall sentiment was that a World Cup without Italy would not be the same.

Concerns were also expressed for Maltese businesses which could stand to lose during the World Cup, since Italy fans who would normally flock to their establishments might not do so if their favourite team did not qualify.