S.E.C.F. Championship Finals

On sunday 15 June,  the racing programme will be dominated by the championships sponsored by the French Trotting Association for French trotters currently racing in Malta.

For the past years these championships have become an integral and important part of the local racing calendar.  Held twice yearly they offer an incentive for local owners who buy and train horses in order to participate.

The qualification races for these finals started on Friday 16th May and a total of five finals will be raced with the most important being that for Premier Category horses. The Prix de Vincennes is scheduled to start at 5:35 p.m. and everyone is expecting a thrilling and fast race with their eyes on the stop watch especially as the bonus for a record breaking time is still in play and is now amounting to €2900.

Sunday’s programme starts at 2:30 and consists of 8 races over the 2140m distance. This will also be the last racing programme on a Sunday before the summer break.

The first final will be for the Copper Class at 3:35 p.m. The Bronze Class final is scheduled for 4:05, Silver at 4:35 and Gold at 5:05 p.m.

The total prize money to be distributed in these five finals amounts to €11,440 and the owners of the winning and placed horses will be also receiving artistic trophies that were commissioned for the occasion.

During the programme there will also be the final for the students that during this year attended the Malta Racing Club Horse Racing Academy. This is a shetland trotting race over 700m. Last weekend we had two qualifying races so that we got to know the 6 students that will be participating on Sunday.